CSpotRun for Palm OS

A free DOC document viewer

CSpotRun is a free reader for documents in the popular Pilot DOC format.

CSpotRun is designed as the free alternative to costly document readers. Its range of features make it a comprehensive solution for anyone who plans on using a document reader.

Features include:

  • Selectable fonts - choose which font you prefer for displaying your documents
  • Selectable line spacing - makes it much easier to read some texts
  • Full screen view
  • Configurable user interface - choose which controls you want to appear on the screen
  • Auto scroll - allows you to read long documents without constantly hitting the page down button. Auto scroll can be configure to scroll one line at a time or one pixel at a time. The speed can be set in the Preferences window. The speed can also be adjusted while auto scrolling using the page up/down buttons.
  • Bookmarks - bookmarks let you quickly jump to other locations in the document.

A full-featured document reader for your palm device.

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CSpotRun 1.2.7

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